I have usually posted something about Autism awareness on April 2nd, but yesterday I was dealing with a depressive episode (that voidness feeling), so I couldn’t.

Nothing new under the Sun, it’s just something I must do. I think it outcomes from the slight chronic social exclusion I’ve been facing my whole life.

Same about my ODD. As a high-functioning autistic, I’m not always recognised as autistic, but I am still. As well as every other autistic, I’m not used to speech hues, they’re unnatural to me; I’m got Childhood AoS and SPD too; my thought process is hybrid between photo-realistic visual and pattern, way different from the usual verbal mind.

Therefore I suffer from Anxiety Disorder. To deal with a society which doesn’t support the differences, in a world built for neurotypics, it produces anxiety. Worse: Anxiety Disorder. From Anxiety Disorder to depressive episodes, it’s just an aught.

This is what I want you to be aware about Autism this day after:

  1. We don’t perceive the world the same way you do (actually not even the way each other of us does).
  2. The society is not ready to include us.
  3. All of it leads to anxiety.
  4. Anxiety leads to depression.
  5. Depression leads to suicide, one of the high-functioning autistics’ main death causes.
  6. It’s not autistics’ fault, but neurotypicism-centredness’.

Musician, senior software engineer, autistic, and autistic parent (not necessarily in this order)

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