Umberto Eco warned us about the Ur-Fascism, that visceral one, beginningless and endless, as old as man.

It’s that fearful feeling of belonging, virtually an addiction to the sameness, showing up as tradition need and diversity loathing; fed back by fear, uncertainty and doubt.

The Ur-Fascism lies within the so-called godly¹ men’s heart: that guy (or lady) who’s attached to the morality and the good manners, God fearer, who tolerates nothing but what fits his/her righteous box.

“Us and Them:” this is the Ur-Fascism.

So the Ur-Fascist, far-right he/she is, avoids (or was avoiding) hearing Hitler’s words, so much so he/she fears to find himself/herself in that speech.

The Ur-Fascist thus calls Reductio ad Hitlerum every evidence that unveil the fascist reality of his/her mindset.

On his/her biased world perspective, Nazism must be left-wing, ’cause the Ur-Fascist has elected the Left-Wing as The Evil-on-Earth, so every negative idea shall be assigned to the enemy, making sense or not.

Enter the Neofascism

This ubiquitous Fallacy Fallacy (accusing every opponent for Reductio ad Hitlerum) led the Ur-Fascism to grow fast and tough, and now it’s becoming so strong, that its veiling is no longer needed.

We’re watching the development of a new shameless kinda Fascism, the Neofascism.

After so many years of living in the shades, the Neofascism can finally take advantage of people’s so-long veiled Ur-Fascist heart and show itself. More and more the neofascist groups gain supporters. They’re not afraid to call themselves so.

They’re using the fact people are indeed fascist to wipe the Fascism’s bad reputation out.

Sad but true

Hic et nunc I can’t see a light of hope. People are fascist, the human race seems to be essentially perverse. The humankind’s future points to barbarism, grudge and hatred.

¹Godly men: I was thinking about the well-known sentence “good men,” but I thought twice and found “godly” a more appropriate word.

Musician, senior software engineer, autistic, and autistic parent (not necessarily in this order)

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