I’m watching the HBO serie Chernobyl, now I’ve just finished the episode 03.

It got me sick. The reality’s rawness is simply hard – and I’m loving it.

But there’s something bothering me. Although the script doesn’t lead through that path, there is a (near) monologue in the first episode trying to please who’d like to blame the Socialism. I transcribe here what I could understand:

I wonder how many of you known the name of this place. We all call it Chernobyl, of corse. What is its real name?

— It’s Vladmir I. Lenin Nuclear Power Station.

Exactly, Vladmir I. Lenin.

And how pride he would be of you all tonight, especially you (talking to the guy who just proposed evacuate Pripyat), young man. Of the passion you have for the people. But is that not the sole purpose of the apparatus of the State?

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we fall prey to fear. But our faith in the Soviet Socialism will always be rewarded.

Now the State told us the situation here is not dangerous. Have faith, comrades.

The State tells us he wants to prevent panic, listen well!

It’s true: when people see the police they will be afraid, but, within my experience, when people ask questions that are not of their best interest, they should simply be told to keep their minds on the labor, and leave the matter of the State to the State.

We’ll seal off the city, no one leaves. We cut the phone lines, contain the spread of misinformation.

It’s even scarier because it sounds like “no one lives”.

When you become aware of the Socialism, you find out that that monologue has nothing to do with it, but with human pride. Worse: when someone blames an ideology for whole-human mistakes, he frees others to do the same, just changing the ideology.

So when people blame Socialism for the bureaucracy’s, ignorance’s, and power desire’s mistakes, they endorse the same mistakes committed inside the Capitalism. That approach acquits the human vanity, that’s present both in Capitalism and Socialism – or in any “ism” you might imagine.

That’s the main reason people reject Communism, even knowing nothing about it. So the same for the Anarchy and other libertarian ideologies.

Musician, senior software engineer, autistic, and autistic parent (not necessarily in this order)

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