Back to the Cult of Action for Action’s Sake

In I.T. (and some other areas) we’re living an odd age, when people worship the entrepreneurship for itself, with open attacks to the professional experience and academic knowledge hereat.

It’s a kinda talkshow version of the Cult of Action for Action’s Sake, or the Cult of the Common Man: the idea that the unlearned man knows better than the connoisseur; that the knowledge would subvert man.

We’re experiencing lots of articles, papers, and talks entitled “What I Learned in My First Year as X” (and some variations), despising the professional experience at all.

Aside that, there has been a flood of books, videos, and podcasts about “How to Learn X in 24 Hours”, as if it’s possible to learn in such a short time what the experts have learned for so many years.

I saw that coming.

I heard for myself one of them saying:

— You have years of experience, but you’re all bullshit. All you seniors know are bad habits. Only sticking rigidly to the newest methodologies, following questionless their directions you can be a fruitful developer.


And that easy-way speech has been getting stronger and stronger, catching more and more carefree youngsters.

The aftermath is a pack of bad developers filling the labour market, unskilled louder-noise winners, but cheaper – which is the most important to the companies.

Why do we have to do better if we can do lower-costed?

Also in Kodumaro.

Musician, senior software engineer, autistic, and autistic parent (not necessarily in this order)

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