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There are seven musical scales I keep using frequently, they fit my needs perfectly.

If you get into my songs, you’ll see them everywhere.

From brighter to darker they are:

Lydian ♭7

Also called Brazilian Northeastern scale, Lydian ♭7 is a very bright scale, mostly present in the Brazilian Northeastern Music.

Original from ℳontegasppα and Giulia C.’s Thoughts.

There’s something beautiful about small natural numbers, mainly about their relation to the human psyché.

I’m taking zero out, ’cause, even some says zero is natural, natural numbers are countable; I challenge you to count zero.

1 (one) is the unit, the origin. Without one there’s no one, everything starts with one; the first anything.

2 (two) is one plus one, and this simple operation is very meaningful:


Read the original on ℳontegasppα And Giulia C.’S Thoughts.

Who’s used to read my posts might have noted I use terms like lotta, getta, gotta, gonna, ’cause, kinda, æsthetics, resumé, naïve, to be got (instead of to have), façade, ain’t (usually in place of haven’t or hasn’t), dunno (instead of don’t know), ad eterno, persona, et cetera, a lot.

This kind of informal wordbook is called Creole.

Creole languages are the most natural idioms that can be. They consist of local idiomatic expressions mixed with foreign words or variations.

Despite the formal interpretation of Creole languages (pedantic and elitist), those…

Original from ℳontegasppα and Giulia C.’s Thoughts.

I’ve been chaotic my whole life, everything I’ve done wrong was trying to put some order in it.

Until I got an epiphany: I am the chaos, ’cause the universe is chaos.

People are afraid of the the chaos ’cause they are evil, thereat they need rules (order) to keep’em in line. What they dunno (or pretend notta know) is that the order is just an excuse for them to be evil.

— Not my fault, only following orders.

That sentence enables bad people to do bad things. Like if that was okay…

Extracted from Kodumaro.

One can pass through life unaware of the evil, but not untouched by it.

Evil is what happens when the shadow, choked by the superego’s tyranny, finds a way out to be.

Why is evil so bound to religion and morality? ’Cause it’s their side effect.

The religion and morality are the remaining of the society proto-norms, born from the prestige bias in many ways. So the evil is.

The prestige bias creates a distorted right-vs-wrong principle, nondetachably bound to the first impressions (principia). …

Also in ℳontegasppα and Giulia C.’s Thoughts.

There’s a name in my ID, but that means nothing. Never did. I had two names when I was born: the first was Rogrigo.

Until I was 3, I simply couldn’t understand why there was a “D” in my written name. Someday my mother told me that my name wasn’t Rogrigo, but Rodrigo – that was the time when I broke up with that name for good.

My grandma used to call me Boddhi, that was my second name. She used to call my brother Boddhinho (Portuguese for Little Boddhi). …

Why may you pay a hundred (or hundreds of) dollars for a famous band’s show, but only some quarters for a local band’s?

The answer lies on a kinda addiction, a psychopathology indeed: people can’t decide for themselves, they need someone to tell ’em which’s right and which’s wrong.

Without an authority telling what they must like, people get confused and lost.

So, back in 50’s, the Rock’n’Roll got exposed to the mainstream media, starting the first Rock’s boom, that lasted until the end of the 70’s.

That gave a lesson to the music industry: they needed to classify, label…

The worth concept is very subjective and private. Everyone has its own, and it diverges one from another.

Once I worked with a Linux kernel committer. The guy was a genius in several different ways. But he had a weakness: he failed under pressure.

He needed a stable and quiet environment to perform.

But in that time, another developer had reached an influence position in the company. That other guy’s qualities was light-years behind the first one’s, both in knowledge and in practice.

The “influencer”, besides his influence position, had another advantage: pressure wasn’t a problem for him. So he…

Christian Missionary

In 2012 my first wife was dying of cancer, and I tried every treatment I could find. So I was looking for doctors and alternative healers.

When I told an oncologist about my desperate approach, he told me that every attempt on saving a life is valid.

I once went for a thoroughly recommended healing nun, using natural herbal medicines to treat and cure cancer.

She prescribed an iron and fiber rich vegetable-based juice, but under one condition: my wife should abandon all traditional treatments. The nun said she didn’t want her treatment results attributed to doctors’ medicines.

Thence I…

Arĥimedeς ℳontegasppα ℭacilhας

Musician, senior software engineer, autistic, and autistic parent (not necessarily in this order)

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