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Atypical mind, typical world

I’m telling you a personal fresh case.

This week I and my wife were looking at the school camera images, and we saw a teacher grabbing our son’s arm fiercely.

We also saw an autistic girl left helpless on the yard.

You better read in ℳontegasppα and Giulia C.’s Thoughts.

There are seven musical scales I keep using frequently, they fit my needs perfectly.

If you get into my songs, you’ll see them everywhere.

From brighter to darker they are:

  1. Lydian ♭7
  2. Mixolydian Bebop
  3. Mixolydian ♭9♭13
  4. Overlaid Diminished
  5. Dorian
  6. Phrygian
  7. Superlocrian…

Original from ℳontegasppα and Giulia C.’s Thoughts.

There’s something beautiful about small natural numbers, mainly about their relation to the human psyché.

I’m taking zero out, ’cause, even some says zero is natural, natural numbers are countable; I challenge you to count zero.

1 (one) is the unit, the origin…

Read the original on ℳontegasppα And Giulia C.’S Thoughts.

Who’s used to read my posts might have noted I use terms like lotta, getta, gotta, gonna, ’cause, kinda, æsthetics, resumé, naïve, to be got (instead of to have), façade, ain’t (usually in place of haven’t or hasn’t), dunno (instead of…

Original from ℳontegasppα and Giulia C.’s Thoughts.

I’ve been chaotic my whole life, everything I’ve done wrong was trying to put some order in it.

Until I got an epiphany: I am the chaos, ’cause the universe is chaos.

People are afraid of the the chaos ’cause they are evil…

Extracted from Kodumaro.

One can pass through life unaware of the evil, but not untouched by it.

Evil is what happens when the shadow, choked by the superego’s tyranny, finds a way out to be.

Why is evil so bound to religion and morality? ’Cause it’s their side effect.


Also in ℳontegasppα and Giulia C.’s Thoughts.

There’s a name in my ID, but that means nothing. Never did. I had two names when I was born: the first was Rogrigo.

Until I was 3, I simply couldn’t understand why there was a “D” in my written name. Someday my…

Why may you pay a hundred (or hundreds of) dollars for a famous band’s show, but only some quarters for a local band’s?

The answer lies on a kinda addiction, a psychopathology indeed: people can’t decide for themselves, they need someone to tell ’em which’s right and which’s wrong.


The worth concept is very subjective and private. Everyone has its own, and it diverges one from another.

Once I worked with a Linux kernel committer. The guy was a genius in several different ways. But he had a weakness: he failed under pressure.

He needed a stable and quiet…

Arĥimedeς ℳontegasppα ℭacilhας

Musician, senior software engineer, autistic, and autistic parent (not necessarily in this order)

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